Saturday, January 30, 2010


*Photo from Little Birdie Secrets
I was at the library yesterday and this little girl had the most darling hair clips in her hair! They were crocheted flowers, very simple, yet so darling. It made me want to start making some right away, even though I don't have a little girl...and I don't know that it would work in my hair because they are small. I've wanted to start an etsy shop and make things to sell, but I've never been sure what to sell because there are so many things that would be fun...anyway, it made me want to start an etsy shop with little girls hair things. :) It reminded me of this tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets, (I love this website! So many great craft ideas!) and then today they posted another great tutorial showing how to crochet these darling hearts! I fell for these little hearts right away, and just need a reason to whip some up... maybe I could hang them on the wall? Or make a garland?

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