Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Sure When I'll Be Back Again

I'm not riding on a jet plane, but probably as you are reading this, dozens of boxes full of our possessions are being loaded onto a truck, my husband is already in our new home, and I will be there within a week. As a result, I'm not sure when (or if!) we will have internet...hopefully we will. If not, I will be visiting the library frequently or something. :) But I plan on resuming normal posts again soon! Until then...I can not thank friends and family enough for all the help they have given! I will miss you. Please let's stay friends? If you would like an invite to read our family blog, just ask!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carseat Couture

picture from MADE
How fun would it be to make your own customized car seat cover? Should you ever want to try, you can buy a pattern here. I just might have to try this the next time we have a baby!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Butterflies

I found the instructions for crocheting these adorable butterflies at Little Birdie Secrets! That would be so fun to make these for a little girl hair clip!

Friday, June 25, 2010

500 N

500 North is a beautiful street. Right now it is full of beautiful, tall trees providing wonderful shade and the trees are rich with fresh, green foliage. Also plenty of birds which my honey loves to watch (and I usually do too when they don't try to attack me like one did today)! You can even watch the 4th of July parade go by on 500 North! I also love taking a leisurely stroll during the morning or evening when it isn't too hot.

In the Autumn these lovely leaves turn beautiful shades of color and then fall to the ground and it is so fun to walk down the street and crunch the leaves under your feet. Or maybe even try to find a pile to jump in!
In the winter these same trees have lost all of their leaves but they turn the street into a winter wonderland when it snows! I love to see trees covered in snow, it's like a fairyland! I love strolling in the softly falling snowflakes.
In the springtime it is so exciting to see the trees start to come alive again! Full of blossoms and starting to grow leaves. Of course you have to stop and sing Popcorn Popping and bask in the lovely springtime weather as you walk down the road.

I can't tell you how many times I have walked up and down this road, especially after having my honey. We love walking to the library, or the Cotton Shop, sometimes Smiths, sometimes a neighbors home. We love walking to church or to the park. I will miss these lovely walks, which have happened almost daily. In our new home, our church will be too far away to ever walk to, there are no stores or libraries within walking distance. And the trees in our new neighborhood are not old enough or tall enough to be be quite as beautiful. I never thought I could think of a road as beautiful, but 500 north is. I wish I had a good picture to show so you could see how beautiful it is! 500 North, I will miss you. In every season.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make your Own Flag

Don't you just love this? I do. If I had time, (and a saw) I would make this to put on the front door. I seriously need some 4th of July decor.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful Bookshelves

I'm excited to maybe use these tips in the future as I get to decorate my own home! I thought I would share! You can watch a video about it here.

Any type of style can be expressed with bookshelves. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, country or traditional…there are some easy ways to give that necessary piece of furniture a pop.

Use Your Collections
Using the same, repeating item - but in different way - gives a cohesive, classic look to shelves. This tip can be used with anything that you might collect: teapots, picture frames, vintage toys, books, clocks. There are no specific rules, just mix it up until you like it!

Change It Up with Fabric
This was a super ugly $5 bookshelf from Deseret Industries. I painted it with a sample can of white paint, sanded and glazed it. I popped off the back of the bookshelf and covered it with this fabulous fabric from Home Fabric. This was a simple change - but it completely changes the bookshelf.

Use Your Bookshelves for Books and Decor
This is a picture of my friend's home; I love how her bookshelves are displayed. They hold books, but she also mixed with pictures, a flag, and even old suitcases. Display your favorite books, or the prettiest one's in your collection. These bookshelves are homemade. Put together with a bead board back.

Use Numbers or Letters for a Fun, Playful Look
This would be great in a family/game room or a child's room. You could use anything to display this. Whether it is a letter made of wood, or a monogram in a frame. Fabric and texture can really be brought into play here. Cover a paper Mache letter with fabric, yarn or even burlap. Allow yourself freedom on this one. Let your creativity go wild.

Organize your books by color.
Take off the dust jackets and go to town. By doing this your bookshelf is not only usable but also pretty. It makes a great statement with very little money and work.

"Beary Good" Bookends!
In a kid's room, used a stuffed animal to keep watch and keep books in place…this is both decorative and cute. This is a great way to use special heirlooms pieces in your kids rooms.

Cleverly Disguised
Do you have a bookcase that serves a purpose and is in no way decorative? Put a tension rod on the inside of the shelf and put up a curtain. Pretty and practical!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makes my Heart Sing

Recently I had this song in my head--I didn't know what it was called--how awful is that? I knew the melody and could hear Andrea Bocelli singing with a lady. I googled Andrea Bocelli and this was the first song that came up--the one I was looking for! I think this song is so beautiful and I could listen to it over and over. It makes me want to sing as beautiful as Sara Brightman, but alas--I am not a soprano. My husband thought I wanted to listen to this song so much lately because now it's time to say goodbye to Provo...clever, but no. I didn't even know that was the name of the song until now. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Independence Cake

Last year, my friend made this cake for the 4th of July. So much fun! I have been wanting to try it ever since, and now it's finally 4th of July again! :) You can find video instructions here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Reason #5

I know people who come to Utah from out of state have a hard time with this, but I LOVE the Utah Grid System! It makes it so easy to know where you are going and how to get there! Now I have to get used to a new way of getting around. The roads in our new town are so confusing to me! The roads have names like "20 1/2 road" or "F Street." Some roads you can only turn certain ways on them, so you have to figure out which road turns to where you want to go.
Along with this comes just knowing the town and the area. I will have to learn new cities and where to shop and where things are--I'm sure I'm going to get lost! I will miss knowing where everything is and where to go to find what I want. But maybe it will be a fun adventure!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Table Top Gardening

Sorry, yet another video post. Three days in a row! I saw this idea though and loved it! You have to see the table top garden inspired by Monet's Water beautiful! I love it! I really, really want a succulent now!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best Day Ever

Today a few years ago I married my sweetheart. It was the perfect day. I thought this was a great video to share today. :) If you'd rather read than watch the video, click here.
Happy Anniversary to my very own amazing and incredible Mr. Wonderful! I still wonder why you picked me. How did I get so lucky? I love you forever.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jelly and Jam

Last summer I made jam with my didn't turn out the way I expected. It's still good...but not amazing. Well, after seeing this clip, I'm very excited to try jam again! For the recipes in the video clip, click here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Comments please!

I hope this isn't annoying--if it is, tell me and I won't ask again. My son got his picture taken this weekend and the photographer told me if we get 25 comments then she will give us a free 8X10...which would be great! So, if you could here and comment! Still no smiling pictures--but I love that they were taken at the library! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Memory Lane

My last post sent me to BYU TV, only to come across this video--parts of a concert my husband and I sang in! If you have time you can try and spot me in the video...or you could just listen as you clean up or something. :) I wish I could download it to save and show our kids someday! Maybe they'll keep this video up forever?

Reason #4

I love BYU. I can't even tell you how much. I loved the anxious, nervous feeling of trying out for BYU choirs toward the end of summer. I loved being in Women's Chorus and miss it so much! I loved the exciting feeling of a new school year in the fall. I love the beautiful campus. I love all the programs on campus--dances and concerts galore, plays, musicals, many fun things! I LOVE BYU football especially. I LOVE Cosmo! I love Homecoming in the fall--seeing the Y all lit up on the mountain. I loved walking to and from campus each day and enjoying the beauty that was all around--some of my favorite memories in particular involve falling autumn leaves or first snows, or spring blossoms. I love BYU ice cream, it is the best in the world! I love all of the buildings. I loved my first real job at the BYU Laundry where I was a seamstress and learned to love sewing, and still go there to visit and sew! BYU is where my husband and I fell in love and took classes together. I learned Spanish at BYU...too bad I have forgotten so much of it. :( I loved the devotionals and CES firesides in the Marriot Center. I loved BYU wards when I was single. So many wonderful things and memories have happened to me at BYU or because of BYU. I have wanted to go there since I was 4 years old and now that I am graduated, I still love going there and being close to campus. I sometimes secretly wish I or my husband could teach there when we are older...and we could come back and be part of BYU always. I love taking my little honey to see the duck pond on campus and hope he will want to go there someday too!
When we were looking for housing in a new state...I was so happy to see BYU TV on the list of channels the hotel room offered. It was a tender mercy for me. Even though we won't have is available online whenever I need an uplift.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simple Fun

I love simple ideas like this that are just so much fun! My honey loves bubbles, we are going to try this as soon as we come across a water bottle! :)

Cut off the bottom end of a water bottle, and secure a piece of an old washcloth in its place with rubber bands. Dip into dish soap, and blow through the mouth of the bottle. You'll get a big bubble snake coming out of the end!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I saw this idea from Deck the Halls of Home with Joy from my friend's blog It's Good for the Heart. I can't wait to make this for my little munchkin!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have wanted to make homemade donuts for a couple of years now...but have never done it. Well...I'm pretty sure these pictures from Pioneer Woman have convinced me I need to do this. Soon. Or maybe I can wait for Halloween like I've always wanted to do. :) I have a hard time with donuts now...they are delicious but they are so fattening and usually make me feel sick after eating them, but once in awhile they are worth it. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Family Pictures

If you live close to Provo...or are willing to travel, you really should consider asking Heather to do your family pictures. I love them. So much. She is amazing! I can't tell you thank you enough Heather!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Reason #3

I will really, really miss the Provo Library. I love how close we live to the library--last summer my honey and I walked to the library at least three times a week! Now he loves going to the library--they have such a great children's section! They have so many fun stuffed animals around the area that he loves to see and touch. He loves the kid computers that show pictures and have a keyboard for him to play with. I love how many books, movies, and music they have, the fun baby/infant storytimes they have, the summer reading program, the beautiful architecture, the Spanish collection of books, and oh I could go on and on!
I know there is a library where we are going--I've already looked at their website, but I can tell it's not as big or wonderful as this one!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cover Girl Blast

Because I am a BzzAgent, I get to try new products and give my opinion about them. In the video above, you can see tips on how to apply the products for a great look.
This has been my favorite product from BzzAgent yet! I got to try the Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast for eyes, and the Shine Blast for lips.
The Shine Blast lipgloss really is full of shine! It only added a faint tint of color to my lips, which I liked since I prefer a more natural look most of the time. I felt like it was moisturizing my lips when I use it as well! I was very happy with this product and would like to try other colors!
I really love the Smoky Shadow Blast for eyes! If you are in a hurry, you can quickly apply it or throw it in your purse and apply when you get a chance--no brushes needed! It takes a little practice, but it does give a great smoky eye. When I have more time, I like to apply it over another light eye shadow and use my brushes to blend it in even more. The best part of using this was that my husband told me he liked it! For me, that is a keeper. I have really enjoyed this product and would also like to try other colors. I will definitely buy and use this in the future!
BzzAgent Badge

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Have you ever been to the Manti Pageant in Manti, Utah? If not, you should go if you are anywhere close by. It is wonderful, a fun family event, and free! Here's to hoping we can go this year before we live a lot farther away from Manti. :( Check out the other LDS church pageants here!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not Like I Imagined

I recently finished reading the "Percy Jackson" series by Rick Riordan. They were great, I really enjoyed reading them and had a hard time putting them down to be an good wife and mother...
So I read the 5 book series over the past month or two and was very surprised when last week while enjoying a free bowl of ice cream at Cold Stone, I glanced over at the movies playing at the dollar theater...and saw "Percy Jackson" listed as one of the movies there!
We went home, I looked it up online and watched the trailer...and sure enough it was the same Percy Jackson I had just finished reading about. 9:35 showing? No prob. We went. Just like that. Probably only because it was my birthday. :) It was my honey's first time in a movie theater...he did really well. He fell asleep half way through, and other than not liking how loud it was during a couple really loud monster parts...he didn't have any problems!
Anyway, the movie was fun...but nothing like the book. Books are always better. The worst part for me was how completely OFF all of the characters looked from how I had imagined them in my head. Every. Single. One. I didn't like how they changed the storyline either, but I guess it made the movie more interesting. Go read the book, and then if you the movie. :)