Friday, June 11, 2010

Reason #4

I love BYU. I can't even tell you how much. I loved the anxious, nervous feeling of trying out for BYU choirs toward the end of summer. I loved being in Women's Chorus and miss it so much! I loved the exciting feeling of a new school year in the fall. I love the beautiful campus. I love all the programs on campus--dances and concerts galore, plays, musicals, many fun things! I LOVE BYU football especially. I LOVE Cosmo! I love Homecoming in the fall--seeing the Y all lit up on the mountain. I loved walking to and from campus each day and enjoying the beauty that was all around--some of my favorite memories in particular involve falling autumn leaves or first snows, or spring blossoms. I love BYU ice cream, it is the best in the world! I love all of the buildings. I loved my first real job at the BYU Laundry where I was a seamstress and learned to love sewing, and still go there to visit and sew! BYU is where my husband and I fell in love and took classes together. I learned Spanish at BYU...too bad I have forgotten so much of it. :( I loved the devotionals and CES firesides in the Marriot Center. I loved BYU wards when I was single. So many wonderful things and memories have happened to me at BYU or because of BYU. I have wanted to go there since I was 4 years old and now that I am graduated, I still love going there and being close to campus. I sometimes secretly wish I or my husband could teach there when we are older...and we could come back and be part of BYU always. I love taking my little honey to see the duck pond on campus and hope he will want to go there someday too!
When we were looking for housing in a new state...I was so happy to see BYU TV on the list of channels the hotel room offered. It was a tender mercy for me. Even though we won't have is available online whenever I need an uplift.

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  1. I miss BYU so much! And the library. And the mountains. And the temple. I'm glad I miss things like that because it means I've had great experiences, but the homesickness is still hard to handle.