Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful Bookshelves

I'm excited to maybe use these tips in the future as I get to decorate my own home! I thought I would share! You can watch a video about it here.

Any type of style can be expressed with bookshelves. Whether your style is contemporary, classic, country or traditional…there are some easy ways to give that necessary piece of furniture a pop.

Use Your Collections
Using the same, repeating item - but in different way - gives a cohesive, classic look to shelves. This tip can be used with anything that you might collect: teapots, picture frames, vintage toys, books, clocks. There are no specific rules, just mix it up until you like it!

Change It Up with Fabric
This was a super ugly $5 bookshelf from Deseret Industries. I painted it with a sample can of white paint, sanded and glazed it. I popped off the back of the bookshelf and covered it with this fabulous fabric from Home Fabric. This was a simple change - but it completely changes the bookshelf.

Use Your Bookshelves for Books and Decor
This is a picture of my friend's home; I love how her bookshelves are displayed. They hold books, but she also mixed with pictures, a flag, and even old suitcases. Display your favorite books, or the prettiest one's in your collection. These bookshelves are homemade. Put together with a bead board back.

Use Numbers or Letters for a Fun, Playful Look
This would be great in a family/game room or a child's room. You could use anything to display this. Whether it is a letter made of wood, or a monogram in a frame. Fabric and texture can really be brought into play here. Cover a paper Mache letter with fabric, yarn or even burlap. Allow yourself freedom on this one. Let your creativity go wild.

Organize your books by color.
Take off the dust jackets and go to town. By doing this your bookshelf is not only usable but also pretty. It makes a great statement with very little money and work.

"Beary Good" Bookends!
In a kid's room, used a stuffed animal to keep watch and keep books in place…this is both decorative and cute. This is a great way to use special heirlooms pieces in your kids rooms.

Cleverly Disguised
Do you have a bookcase that serves a purpose and is in no way decorative? Put a tension rod on the inside of the shelf and put up a curtain. Pretty and practical!

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