Friday, June 25, 2010

500 N

500 North is a beautiful street. Right now it is full of beautiful, tall trees providing wonderful shade and the trees are rich with fresh, green foliage. Also plenty of birds which my honey loves to watch (and I usually do too when they don't try to attack me like one did today)! You can even watch the 4th of July parade go by on 500 North! I also love taking a leisurely stroll during the morning or evening when it isn't too hot.

In the Autumn these lovely leaves turn beautiful shades of color and then fall to the ground and it is so fun to walk down the street and crunch the leaves under your feet. Or maybe even try to find a pile to jump in!
In the winter these same trees have lost all of their leaves but they turn the street into a winter wonderland when it snows! I love to see trees covered in snow, it's like a fairyland! I love strolling in the softly falling snowflakes.
In the springtime it is so exciting to see the trees start to come alive again! Full of blossoms and starting to grow leaves. Of course you have to stop and sing Popcorn Popping and bask in the lovely springtime weather as you walk down the road.

I can't tell you how many times I have walked up and down this road, especially after having my honey. We love walking to the library, or the Cotton Shop, sometimes Smiths, sometimes a neighbors home. We love walking to church or to the park. I will miss these lovely walks, which have happened almost daily. In our new home, our church will be too far away to ever walk to, there are no stores or libraries within walking distance. And the trees in our new neighborhood are not old enough or tall enough to be be quite as beautiful. I never thought I could think of a road as beautiful, but 500 north is. I wish I had a good picture to show so you could see how beautiful it is! 500 North, I will miss you. In every season.

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