Friday, May 28, 2010

Reason #2

I love the mountains in Utah--and especially living in Provo, so close to the mountains. I love them. They are so beautiful. I love seeing them topped with snow. I love seeing the leaves change colors from down in the valley, or especially driving up the canyon to see the leaves in the fall. I love going to picnics or hikes, or taking our raft to some little lake in the spring/summer. We don't do that as much as I would like, and I am going to miss it! I love seeing the sunset reflected off the mountains. I love how I know which direction I am looking because of the mountains too--they help me to not get lost. I'm told where we are moving is just like Moab...which is also beautiful, I love Moab. There will be red rock mesas and plateaus...but it's not the same as real mountains!

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