Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food Storage: How much?

One of my friends commented last week on how she isn't sure about the amounts of food storage needed. Well last year, one of the many responsibilities I had as a new counselor in the Relief Society was to prepare a monthly food storage goal and spotlight. We stopped doing that this year, but I was able to find some great resources for food storage! Especially this food storage calculator.
For a one month's supply of food for one adult it is recommended that you store 25 pounds of wheat, white rice, corn, and other grains. Also 5 pounds of dry beans and other legumes.

So...I would suggest start small. Maybe made it a goal to have enough food stored for a three month supply--and maybe it will take you three months or longer to work that into your budget, but that's okay. Just start somewhere, and probably try to store foods you will actually use and like.

Also--make sure you have variety--don't buy all 25 pounds of rice or wheat. Make sure you have some of everything and consider how much you like those foods now. If you don't like corn now, you're not going to like it in your food storage either!

I hope this is helpful! And thanks for the suggestion Ashley! I am going to try and keep doing food storage posts more frequently!

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