Friday, May 21, 2010

Reason #1

(This is me and a great friend at one of our weekly Temple trips...when I used to be young and skinny)
...Why I will miss Provo.
Please go here and look at the pictures starting with #149. I love this place so much. The most recent time I went to the Provo Temple I felt so emotional thinking of all the wonderful things that have happened there, and how it is the temple I have attended the most often, and I love everything about it! The mountains towering behind, the large and beautiful grounds. Both inside and out of the Temple is beautiful. I know all Temples do the same thing...but this one is special to me and I will miss it.


  1. This post made me a little bit sad! Sad that you're leaving, but also sad for when we leave. We know we will be here a little longer, but it's taken me this long to really appreciate and grow to love Utah. It will be hard to leave someday!

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures. And I know exactly how you feel.