Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flexible Date Night

This weekend for our weekly date night I had planned on coloring eggs since it was Easter and our little guy is still too young to do that yet. Well Saturday night came...and neither one of us was feeling very well, and the thought of waiting to boil eggs and waiting for the eggs to reach the right shade of dye seemed daunting. So instead we talked while I prepared rolls to eat for breakfast the next day, and then we played Lego Star Wars. Ha! It was pretty relaxed but it was still good. It was nice to be able to be flexible and still enjoy being together even if it wasn't what I had originally planned for almost a month ahead of time!

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  1. My husband would probably love it if I played Lego Star Wars with him...not really my kinda game. And talking is always a good way to connect. Easter eggs didn't work out...that's ok plans change and being flexible is important.


  2. beautiful eggs. never played lego star wars. is that for the wii? thanks for sharing your date night! see you next week.
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}