Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fabric Flowers

This idea is for a flower ring, but I have already made one into a hair clip and love it! You could use these flowers in any way imaginable! You could also sew the flower petals together rather than glue, which I will probably do in the future, feeling it to be more secure than glue. :) Thanks Sweet Charlie for the tutorial!

Flower Ribbon Rings:

Supplies Needed:

- 1 1/2 in. silk or satin polyester ribbon (or fabric)
- coordinating colored thin hair elastic
- coordinating colored felt
- hot glue
- lighter
- jewel or beads for embellishment


Cut 4-5 different-sized circles out of ribbon (or fabric)

Burn around the edges of all of them to prevent from fraying, and also make them look like petals

Layer them to give a rose-like flower look

Embellish with a jewels or beads in the middle

Cut out a circle matching the bottom of your flower out of felt

Cut your hair elastic to the size of your finger

Sew the elastic on to the felt so you now have a base for your flower

Then hot glue your flower onto your ring base and you're done!

No-Sew Ribbon Corsage Wristlet:

Supplies Needed:

- 1 1/2 in. silk or satin polyester ribbon (can be printed or just plain) note: you can use ribbed ribbon also, but hot glue sticks better to the silk.
- coordinating colored 2 1/2 in. ribbon (for flower(s)) OR dollar store flowers
- sticky Velcro
- jewel(s) or beads for embellishments
- Lighter


measure around your wrist, and add about and extra inch and 1/4.

cut your ribbon to that measurement

burn the ends to prevent fraying

cut about another 1.5 inches of your ribbon, and then cut length-wise, giving you two strips .75 inches wide, 1.5 inches long

on your bracelet ribbon, hot glue the ends, and then fold in so that the ends of your wristlet now are about .5 inches wide

glue your two smaller ribbons to the ends, so that you have a finish look

cut two pieces of your velcro to fit on your ends, then glue one on the top side of your bracelet, and the other on your bottom side

then glue your flower onto the top middle section of your bracelet, and add either a jewel or bead embellishment

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