Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project 52

Project 52: Date Nights logo

A few weeks ago Mr. Wonderful and I got to visit with Elder Sitati from the quorom of the 70 who said something that really stuck with me and impressed me as being very important. He said of marriage “This is the most important project of your whole life now. There is nothing greater.” This really impacted me—I work so hard on other ‘projects’ or feel unfulfilled when I don’t get time to work on them, but what effort do I put each day into my marriage? That is the most important thing. There is nothing greater. He said some other beautiful things, but that is what I wanted to focus on. I have found two other things that have impressed me lately.
First, I really liked this article. I used to read things like this all the time in my major, and I miss it. I really love scientific findings that support marriage.
Second, in keeping with the idea of marriage being a project, I came across Project 52. This is a really fun project that I am excited to start! It is a pledge to date your spouse! This is something I really want to do better at. Project 52 is great because they encourage you to stay home and not spend money, but at the same time make your home a more date-like atmosphere. I think it would be fun to hear what you do for your weekly dates if you want to join!

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