Monday, March 8, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies

This weekend I was very excited to receive the boxes of Girl Scout Cookies I ordered a month ago...only to be quickly disappointed at the small amount of cookies each $3.50 box contained. And...I wasn't too thrilled with the taste either. Of course I did try two types of cookies I hadn't before, which I won't be getting again. I still love Thin Mints and Samoas--absolute favorite, but unless I am supporting someone I know, I don't think I will be buying boxes of girl scout cookies again. I'll make them myself!
Here are some homemade girl scout cookie recipes you should try:
Samoas or for an easier version, Samoa Bars.
and....last of all.

Thin Mints! I made these a month ago, when I couldn't wait to receive the cookies I had ordered. They were good, but they took a lot of time. It was my first experience with making cookies where the dough had to be put in the freezer. I might have done something wrong because the dough was pretty crumbly and so they don't look too great... I also think I would try a different type of chocolate to dip the cookies in. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips. At first I didn't like them, but then they grew on me and I decided I really liked them after all. :)
This is the only recipe I've tried of these, but I'm excited to try the other ones!

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  1. I didn't order any girl scout cookies this's better that way!