Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Our furnace pretty much died early this morning. It started with some weird and pretty loud squeaky noises. Then it started smelling like burnt rubber. Definately not a good sign. This furnace has worried me since we moved here last year because it is so old. The fire inside the furnace has always been very huge--larger than normal, and recently I've been thinking we should really get a carbon monoxide detector. HowEVER that all changed today, when the nice Mexican man named Perez (he pronounced it Paris--haha!) who has worked with furnaces for 15 years was shocked to see that our furnace still works. He looked at it and said it needed a whole new motor but he wasn't sure if they even made them anymore since it was so old. He came later to tell me that the new motor would cost $500 to replace, and one of the parts you can't get anymore. So, thankfully our landlord just decided to buy a whole new furnace! But it doesn't get here until tomorrow. Perez left us with two space heaters, but when you aren't within close proximity to the heaters, it's a little chilly in our house. So I'm making homemade pizza for dinner, so the oven can hopefully warm up our house even more. But what I really wanted to make was these cookies pictured above. They are delicious. However, my husband requested brownies. But if you ever want a warm treat on a cold night, you might consider cinnamon crackle cookies.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I hope you guys are ok! We bought a carbon monoxide detector at the advice of one of Joel's professors. Best 40 bucks we ever spent. It has helped us out TWICE! The first time had to do with a furnace that had to be replaced-we went through the same thing with the space heaters. Holy cold. The second time had to do with a faulty water heater, which also had to be replaced. Darn Provo housing. Go buy one, even with the new furnace around. Keep it around till you live in a newer place. I hope things get taken care of for you quickly!