Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Seconds of Volume

I am a BzzAgent and periodically I get to review new products and give my opinion about them!  I was pretty excited when I got to try göt2b POWDER’ful Volumizing styling powder.  My hair is always so flat and I am always looking for ways to add volume to it! 
I had never used a powder anything for my hair, so it was a little weird at first.  You can shake it directly onto the roots of your hair, or shake it in your hand first.  Then rub your hands together--the powder disappears but you can feel it on your hands and then you apply it in your hair.  I tried it both ways, I preferred using it in my hands instead of just shaking powder in my hair.

 Here is what it looks like in the package.

I really wanted to love this product, however, I was pretty disappointed in this product for a few different reasons. 

1. it smells awful, enough that I felt like I wanted to put in more product just to get my hair to smell good!  I really like my hair to smell nice.

2. It made my head itchy and left weird residue that was hard to get out with one washing.

3. worst of all, in my didn't even work for me!  The little catch phrase for this product is "10 seconds 2 volume!"  But for me, it was more like "10 seconds of volume."  I felt like any volume I had in my hair was just from using my fingers to tease the product into my hair and that it really didn't do anything.  Not long afterward my hair would be lying flat and un-volumized (I don't think that's even a word!) just as it was before putting any product in. 

I had been excited to post before and after photos of my hair using this, but it doesn't even deserve that. So it comes in this really small bottle, and maybe if you just needed a quick little hair pick me up during the day it is easy to slip into your purse or whatever, give a quick little shake and run those fingers through your hair...or you just use your fingers and probably be just as good.  Maybe my hair is too long and fine?  I think maybe someone with maybe a different type of hair or a different haircut from what I have, it might work wonders!  But for me, I will not unfortunately not be purchasing this product! 

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