Friday, September 23, 2011


When my husband and I were first married we would play scrabble all the time and we would do a 1000 piece puzzle during the summertime. Doing little things like this was fun! Now we have two little kiddos who are not old enough yet to do things like this with us, and who would probably sabotage our game/puzzle if we tried to do it on our own.
Since we had our first kiddo I have wanted to try and continue our weekly dates but it has gotten a lot harder as time has gone on.

These things being said, I just found out about this game Bananagrams. It's like scrabble but looks much simpler! Our almost three year old could probably "help" us spell letters if we wanted to play as a family until he is old enough to play on his own. How simple would it be to take camping or to the park for a fun family outing! No board, no mess. Just throw the banana pouch in the picnic basket and go!

Also I think it would be more likely we could use it as a stay at home date night activity after our kiddos are in bed and it wouldn't take forever like Scrabble or a puzzle does but we'd still be doing something fun together. I would love to try this game!

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  1. Scott and I play used to play that game all the time! We called it Take Two, though. It is a lot of fun!