Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas in Utah

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I was recently talking with a friend about how much I missed Utah this time of year. I didn't realize how much I missed Utah until Christmas keeps getting closer and I keep thinking about all the things in Utah that I love this time of year and I won't get to participate in. My friend didn't grow up in Utah and commented how she didn't think there was that much to do there, which led me to wonder if there really was a lot to do or if I was just being sentimental and silly. I started a list of things that I love about Christmas in Utah...and keep adding to it! I'll list it here and hopefully if you are in the area, you can enjoy a few of these awesome things!
I have not personally done all of these things on my list, but some of them I have wanted to do forever and just never had the opportunity before.

Festival of Trees
BYU Celebration of Christmas
The Forgotten Carols
Savior of the World
Nutcracker Ballet
Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert
Riding Trax to downtown SLC
Sledding and building snowmen (nowhere here to go sledding and I hear it rarely snows :(..)
Temple Square Lights
Sub 4 Santa/Giving Tree
First Presidency Christmas Devotional
Santa in my favorite mall
Thanksgiving Point drive through lights
SPanish Fork Christmas lights
Polar Express
Messiah Sing-in (I've heard these are common throughout December in the Provo/Orem area)
Jon Schmidt Christmas concert
Kurt Bestor Christmas concert
Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band Christmas concert
Peter Brienholt Christmas concert
Carriage rides in downtown SLC or at Thanksgiving Point
A Christmas Carol Play
The 100 Hours of Christmas on FM 100, now they play Christmas music constantly after Halloween I think? It used to be just the 100 hours leading up to Christmas day, I think now the 100 hours of Christmas are commercial free or something. :)
Downtown SLC Holiday Windows (look for a map of the windows on this website after Thanksgiving)
Candy Windows in downtown Provo (I'm actually not sure they do this anymore--anyone know? We tried to see them last year and while there were a few windows decorated, there were no candy ones...)
Living Nativity Pageant in Provo
Ice Skating, (also in the past there has been an ice skating rink at Gateway Mall although I'm not sure if they do that every year?)
Awesome decorations all over cities/stores/BYU/the library in Provo, etc...
Midway Creche Exhibit

There you have it! I hope you find something that interests you and have fun for me since I won't be in Utah until after Christmas! If you have other things you love about Christmas in Utah, feel free to let me know and I'll add it to the list!

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  1. Come visit and I'll take you to do some of these things!! Up in Midway, they have a creche (nativity scenes) festival which is really cool.