Saturday, August 6, 2011

Junky Wind Chimes

I have always loved wind chimes. Now that we have our own home and have a place to hang them...I've been wanting to buy some! But how much more fun would it be to make your own wind chimes? I think I need to check out the local thrift stores now...

Junky Wind chimes

The first step in making a DIY wind chime is to collect the materials. You will need something to serve as the top of the chime, several items to hang as chimes, and something to connect it all together.

Just about any item can be used for the top of your wind chime. It is easier work with items that can be tied to (wire lamp shade, wooden clothes hanger). Next, collect the items to be used as chimes. Metal or wood items make a great sound when used in a wind chime. Vintage silverware can be flattened using a heavy weight hammer. Silverware can also be drilled through to so you have a hole to thread wire through.

To drill through silverware, lay the piece on a block of wood. If possible, clamp the silverware and wood block together. This will prevent the silverware from spinning while you drill. Use a 1/8" drill bit made for metal and apply pressure while you drill. Be patient, as it takes minute to drill all the way through and remember the silverware piece will heat up as you drill. Once the hole is drilled, clean-up the sharp edges using a small metal file. If the sharp edges are left, they may cut through the fishing line.

Lastly, select the material to string it all together (wire, fishing line, ribbon, cording, etc).

Lay out all the pieces before you begin. Make the chime visually appealing by staggering the lengths of each chime. Eye screws work well for connecting wood pieces. Simply tie or connect all the pieces together. It is helpful to hang the chime from a door frame or something high while you are putting it all together.

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