Saturday, August 6, 2011

DIY Photo Backdrops

LOVED these ideas from Laci Davis on Studio 5! Now if only I could convince my husband we need an SLR camera...

Find a Fun Background

Look for a background that you love. This can be anything from wallpaper, fabric or even your favorite blanket. It's as easy as just taping it up on the wall.

Get Molding

Simply adding molding on the ground is a great way to make your backdrop look like a real studio. It's something you can pick up for under $10 at a home improvement store, and it makes a huge difference.

Use Natural Light

You need to find a space that has great natural light, but is still in the shade. I have use my garage to make my backdrops, but any place that has room and natural light is a great photo spot.

Find Good Flooring

Flooring really gives a finishing touch to your photo backdrop, and there are so many great options out there. You can buy small already cut portions of vinyl flooring at the home improvement store, or you can buy rugs that look like flooring at photography stores.

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