Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm having a hard time making this new house feel like home. Maybe because we are still unpacking/painting--who knew it could take so long? Maybe because it's an entirely new state. Maybe because I have a tendency to resist change...and as a result dwell on all the things I miss. I remember in a class at BYU learning how wherever you live--you should make it feel like home. So I'm asking you...what makes a house or an apartment or a basement or wherever you live, feel like home? What smells, sights, sounds, etc. say home to you?

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  1. I realized when we moved here that a couch really makes a difference. :) Pictures are huge too, of my wedding, family, Christ, temples. Knick-knacks, holiday decorations, my books on a bookshelf...little things like that help it feel like home. And, dare I say, clutter. :) Not too much, just a little to make it feel lived it.